Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Our multiplex covering the areas around Congleton and Leek went live on 1st May 2023 – on the 15th we added 4 services as the first stage in bringing a wide range of new and existing radio stations to DAB.

Our ethos is to ensure that local broadcasters can reach their audience at a minimum cost, with profits re-invested in local radio.

Small-scale DAB is a new way of transmitting digital radio that uses advances in software and low-cost computer technology to provide a flexible and inexpensive approach to the terrestrial broadcast of digital radio services to a relatively small geographic area.

As a non-profit, we want to keep costs as low as possible but give our best rates to the local community stations making a difference in our area. We’re introducing a 2 tier pricing structure:

C-DSP Licencees – Local Non-Profits – These will be the community and charitable organisations, based in tour area and holding C-DSP licences.) These organisations will also receive preferential access to the transmitter.

DSP Licencees – All other stations –These might include stations run by Charities, CIC’s and other not-for-profits based outside the area. They also include commercial stations aimed at the local area or channels with a national or regional focus that want to extend their reach using SSDAB. Whilst not benefitting from the same preferential access as C-DSP stations, our non-profit ethos will ensure that we keep prices as low as possible.

There will be no minimum contract length for radio stations joining the multiplex, a set-up fee  will apply to cover the costs of additional equipment and configuration. However, we will wave this set-up fee for stations committing to an annual contract and paying in advance.

We expect demand to be high and so we will be operating on a first come, first served basis. So the sooner you express an interest, the better. Just use the contact details below.

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